Adhesives and Sealants

About Us

One partner many solutions – a broad toolbox for individual product design

Evonik is an established global supplier for the Adhesive and Sealant industry. With our extensive range of additives, performance enhancers, selected binder systems and base materials we provide market and application related solutions that gives our customers the optimized performance and processing they need.

Besides our comprehensive, proven and innovative portfolio we support our customers with our versatile application know-how, broad chemical platform and our willingness to develop new, or even customized solutions.

Ranging from a broad spectrum of polymer technologies to toughening aids, nano-technologies, defoamers/deaerators, wetting agents and dispersing aids, giving our customers a strong portfolio of binders and additives for sealants and adhesives to choose from is what we do best.

We offer a broad set of products that enables our customers to design individual products that best suit their market needs. Also, by providing customers with a broad database of guide formulations and technical knowledge we help them to find their own optimized solution so they don't need to rely on mainstream market ready-formulated solutions.

Our strength is delivering performance driven applications. Niches and special applications are often no-go-areas for many suppliers in this market, but for us we specifically look out for niches and special applications where our performance solutions can create valuable add-on for our customers.

Our product Portfolio

Many well-known brands with established, market-proven and quality-driven solutions.

A brand and its ongoing recognition is made up of the positive sum of the experience which has been gathered by the market about the related products and services. Our well-known products include a broad range of long-established products that you can learn more about below:

We offer you more than just a product:


Our technology setup offers a unique portfolio of additives and binders. You will find a detailed overview of our technologies here.


Working in close collaboration with our customers is one of the major factors behind our success. Find out more about our premium technical service!


Our deep chemical know-how combined with clear communication and cooperation ensures we maintain many long-term customer relationships. Contact us!