Global presence in local markets

Evonik’s Adhesive and Sealant business has a very long and versatile history. The historical roots of our business are the well-known TEGO® products. Over time various global investments and acquisitions have helped to enhance our portfolio to form the modern face of our Adhesive and Sealant business.

Essen, Germany

The Evonik Goldschmidt site in Essen dates back to 1890, when production started with detinning of tin plate and Thermit welding flux. By the 1920s research into organic surfactant chemistry had begun and the word’s first industrially produced emulsifier was invented and launched from Essen in 1926.

During the 1950s the Goldschmidt Company entered the new field of silicone chemistry and it was then that the foundation of our unique position today as a manufacturer of specialty silicones was laid.

The most important brands for our Adhesive and Sealant business produced in Essen today are TEGO® Antifoam, TEGOMER®, TEGOPREN® and TEGOPAC®.

Hopewall, VA, USA

In 1980 the Goldschmidt Chemical Corp. was founded in Hopewell, and in 1991 production of organomodified siloxanes began.

Shanghai, China

Since 2004, Evonik has been operating a multi-user location in Shanghai. High-quality products and system solutions for the printing, inks and coatings markets are produced here, alongside products for many other industries.

Geesthacht, Germany

Geesthacht site, near Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 1987 producing silicone polymers under the name of Hanse Chemie. In 1997 the Company entered the nanotechnology business and in 2005 Nanoresins AG was founded.

Both companies were integrated into Evonik in 2011 and are the origin of our well-known brands ALBIPOX®, ALBIDUR®, NANOPOX®, Polymer ST, Polymer VS, Polymer OH.

More recently in 2017, Evonik acquired the specialty additives business (Performance Materials Division) of Air Products, significantly boosting our innovation capabilities for wetting agent and defoamer production. The established brands SURFYNOL®, DYNOL®, ZetaSperse® and CARBOWET® have helped to complete our extensive Adhesive & Sealant portfolio.

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With our production sites, specialized test facilities and laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia, we are where you are to ensure you receive the support and reliable product supply when you need it.

Our mission is to deliver excellent service and create long-term value for our partners by turning our in-depth process knowledge and physicochemical expertise into high performance products and sustainable solutions.

Please contact our specialists to learn more about our broad chemical platforms from nanosilicas and silicone specialties to organic surfactants including acetylenic chemistry.