Ongoing Project Support and Customized Solutions

We listen and we hear you

Ongoing communication and cooperation are the key ingredients for our long-term mutual success.

We want to be your long-term reliable partner for supplying you with the solutions and innovations you need to be successful in the Adhesive and Sealant market. A partner who provides you with face-to-face support during your formulating and testing product ideas stages, but also one who is willing to develop customized or even innovative solutions together with you.

Our excellent market leading support is based on

  • broad and long-term expertise within the Adhesive and Sealant industry
  • a versatile range of products and chemistries we can use to solve current and future challenges in the market
  • our test and development capabilities and our well equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories

We focus on delivering specialty solutions that generate a decisive advantage for you and your customers.

Are you looking for a direct contact to discuss commercial topics?

Please contact our Sales or Technical Service colleagues!

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