Adhesives and Sealants

Our Technical Service

Our customers get results by working in close partnership and open collaboration with us

The strong technical support we provide for our customers offers a win-win opportunity for both our customers and for us. In times of limited R&D and technical resources our support and valuable input enables customers to run development projects in a quick and efficient way. Our state-of the-art labs and highly skilled team offer the technical knowledge, experience and capabilities to test and develop formulations and products for many specific applications. We can also support customers with our analytical and application test capabilities to help them optimize their final products, which at the same time gives us first-hand experience for further development and optimization of our product portfolio.

Our technical service capabilities include:

  • Technical support and ongoing guidance by our highly qualified technical service team
  • Versatile testing equipment to test products in accordance to established technical standards
  • The development of individual guide formulations for selected applications and niche products
  • Customization or individual product development for selected applications and niche products

Testing capabilities

We are continually developing and improving our product range which is backed by our research department and having all necessary test facilities available in our development labs. With this setup we are fully able to understand and solve emerging problems and to fulfil all our customer needs.

In our specialized test facilities and laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia we use different standard test methods depending on the market or regional requirement. Some of our standard tests include:

  • Peel adhesion (180° test; FINAT test method No. 1)
  • Static shear test (FINAT test method No. 8)
  • Loop tack measurement (FINAT test method No. 9)
  • Draw down test
  • Shaking test
  • Sintered glass tests
  • Standard stirring test
  • Determination of tensile strength and elongation at break of cured polymer films (DIN 53504, ISO 37, ASTM D 412)
  • Determination of tensile lap-shear strength of bonded assemblies
    (DIN EN 1465, ISO 4587, ASTM D 1002)
  • Determination of elastic recovery of sealants (DIN EN ISO 7389)
  • Determination of tear strength (DIN ISO 34-1)