One of the largest application areas for adhesives and sealants is in the building and construction industry. In this area many different construction materials have appeared in the last 60 years, including plastics, plasterboard panels, insulation foams, wood-based panels and many new synthetic raw materials (e.g. for decoration). 

Adhesive systems needs to be adjusted to the changing performance requirements, modified adhesion properties, changing application technologies and environmental aspects in today's modern construction industry. 

Typical applications in the construction area are facade and window sealing, flooring adhesives, liquid membranes for sealing roofs, terraces and paving.

Our silane-modified polymers offer high quality binders for hybrid adhesives and sealants used in multiple construction applications. They allow you to develop products with a wide range of mechanical properties and without the need for hazard labelling. We offer silane-terminated binder systems (Methanol-release, Polymer ST series) and silane-modified polymers with lateral cross-linking groups (Ethanol-release, TEGOPAC® series). 

Our extensive silicone portfolio includes raw materials for condensation and addition curing silicones. Our additive portfolio for water-based and reactive adhesives & sealants (PUs, SMPs, epoxides and acrylics) offers many possibilities to optimize formulation performance.

The improvement of fatigue properties, toughening of epoxides, defoaming/deaeration of formulations or better dispersion of filler materials is possible. The additives can also help to optimize production processes or application performance.

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