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The Healthcare industry is a growing market with changing demands. Changes in demographic development has led to an increased demand for high-performance products that require modified functionalities related to biocompatibility, hypoallergenic aspects, bio durability, flexibility and bacterial-resistance.

Our products help to support the development of optimized adhesive formulations for use in different medical applications like breast care, wound & skin care, dental, cushioning, otology, podology and prosthesis.

With Evonik's silicone toolkit it is possible to create customized addition curing silicone formulations. We offer products alongside our technical services like formulated samples, guideline recipes, and joint formulation developments; including analytical investigations and after-sales services like trouble-shooting in the production process.

Our NANOCRYL® D products provide a safe way to gain all the benefits of using nanoparticle modified acrylates. High filler contents at low viscosity formulations are made possible using NANOCRYL® D products in combination with conventional filler materials by delivering improved abrasion resistance and reduced cure shrinkage. This is ideal for example for dental applications as it means there is less gap formation and less secondary tooth decay, as well as smoother surfaces and an increased lifetime of dental inlays (due to improved toughness and hardness).

Product Portfolio

Evonik offers a wide range of base materials which can be used in formulations for dental impression materials, silicone adhesive, gels, composite fillers and other medical applications.