Paper and Packaging

Adhesives play an important role in different paper and packaging applications.

Adhesives are needed to produce packaging materials, books, magazines, tissues, tapes and labels, toilet rolls and cigarettes, etc. Today the environmental, sustainable and recycling demands are growing for producers across the entire industry value chains.

Typical application areas for adhesives in the paper and packaging applications include:

  • Bookbinding and graphic art industry
  • Flexible packaging
  • High-gloss laminating for graphic arts
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (tapes and labels)

The label and tape industry is one of the most dynamic markets for the application of water-based PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives). For this application area PSAs are coated onto carrier materials (paper or foil) with fast running machines. Here good knowledge is important to be able to adjust the interface phenomena, but also to overcome problems like macro-/micro-foam or surface defects by using specific solutions.

Our portfolio includes antifoams and emulsifiers for the production of adhesive dispersions as well as additives to improve the performance of adhesive formulations. The additives we provide help reduce foaming, improve wetting, modify rheology behavior and can help to improve the dispersion of fillers.