Ensuring mobility is a tough job. In terms of adhesives and sealants for transportation applications that means providing products which are reliable, long-lasting, cost-efficient and toxicologically safe. 

Adhesives and sealants for transportation applications create extremely diverse bonding challenges: they are used in lighting, instrument panels, seats, trim parts, carpet attachment, door panels, glass bonding, etc.

The transportation market for adhesives includes the following application areas:

  • Aircraft and aerospace
  • Automotive (including passenger cars, buses, recreational vehicles, trucks, motorcycles)
  • Marine (including shipbuilding, cargo containers, offshore operations)
  • Railways (including light rail vehicles, trams)

Our silane-modified polymers are high quality binders for hybrid adhesives & sealants that address multiple demanding transportation applications. They allow you to develop products with a wide range of mechanical properties and without the need for hazard labelling. Our portfolio includes silane-terminated binder systems (Methanol-release, Polymer ST series) and silane-modified polymers with lateral cross-linking groups (Ethanol-release, TEGOPAC® series).

Our silicone portfolio includes raw materials for condensation and addition curing silicones. In addition our additives portfolio for water-based and reactive adhesives & sealants (PUs, SMPs, epoxides and acrylics) offers many possibilities to optimize formulation performance. The improvement of fatigue properties, toughening of epoxides, defoaming/deaeration of formulations or better dispersion of filler materials is also possible. The additives can also help to optimize production processes or application performance.

Adhesive formulations with our nanosilica concentrates show low viscosity (compared to formulations with conventional fillers), reduced cure shrinkage & thermal expansion, improvement on mechanical properties (fracture toughness, impact resistance and modulus) as well as improved scratch and abrasion resistance.