Reactive resin modifier

ALBIDUR® products consist of a reactive resin in which silicone elastomer particles of a defined size (0.1 – 3 μm) are finely distributed. The silicone elastomer particles have an organic shell structure comprising reactive groups. The toughening mechanism is the same as for reactive liquid rubbers; however, the rubber domains are already preformed and not built during the curing process.
ALBIFLEX® products are epoxy-silicone block copolymer resins which is used to manufacture high-performance elastomers.

The impact resistance of epoxy resins can be significantly enhanced with ALBIPOX®. These products are used in adhesives, fiber-reinforced composites or electronic applications. Besides increased toughness they increase adhesion to polar substrates like steel or concrete. Special grades are used as tackifiers for prepregs, textiles or adhesives. Special customized products with guaranteed exclusivity are available for specific applications.