Reactive adhesives & sealants

Reactive adhesives & sealants are used in many different application areas, e.g. for construction and transportation applications or for different assembly needs. A reactive adhesive needs a chemical reaction for the curing process, and this chemical reaction can be initiated by moisture, heat or radiation. Reactive adhesives are classified into one- and two-component reactive adhesives and are often used in applications where a bonding with higher strength and/or resistance is required or where quick curing is needed.

Our extensive portfolio of additives for reactive adhesives & sealants (epoxides, PUs, acrylics) offers many possibilities to optimize the performance of formulations. The improvement of fatigue properties, toughening of epoxides, deaeration of formulations, or better dispersal of filler materials is possible. 

Our silane-modified polymers are high quality binders for your hybrid adhesives & sealants. They allow you to develop products that address various applications with a wide range of mechanical properties without hazard labelling. We also offer silane-terminated  binder systems (Methanol-release) and silane-modified polymers with lateral cross-linking groups (Ethanol-release). Our raw materials for silicones enable you to design properties of formulations (e.g. application behavior) and improve properties of cured silicone adhesives & sealants.