product overview

Water-based adhesives and sealants

Water-based adhesives contain water, polymers, additives and sometimes fillers. The polymers used are either made from natural or synthetic sources. Depending on the final requirements water-based adhesives are formulated for specific applications. 

Water-based adhesives form a bond between two substrates and once the water within the formulation evaporates or gets absorbed into the substrate, just the adhesive is left behind. Typical application fields for water-based adhesives are paper and packaging applications, tape & label production, construction, transportation and wood working applications.

Our comprehensive portfolio to address water-based adhesive applications includes; wetting agents, antifoams, and emulsifiers for production of adhesive dispersions, as well as additives to improve performance of adhesive formulations. Our additives help to reduce foaming, improve wetting, modify rheology behavior or improve dispersing of fillers. Performance of adhesives for packaging, laminating, PSA or construction applications can be improved easily.