Dispersing agents

Paper & Packaging

Highly efficient dispersing agent to optimize performance of adhesive formulations. 

product overview:

  • TEGOMER® DA 640

    TEGOMER® DA 640 is an anionic modified polyether to be used for dispersing of fillers and pigments (inorganic & organic) in water-based systems. The product can also be used for flocculation of inorganic fillers & pigments even in presence of high electrolyte content. TEGOMER® DA 640 works as an emulsifier in polymerization processes

  • TEGOMER® DA 646

    TEGOMER® DA 646 is a wetting and dispersing additive based on polyether technology and can be used as dispersant in liquid or solid concentrates. Furthermore TEGOMER® DA 646 is an emulsifier technology to replace APEO in polymer dispersions.

  • TEGOMER® DA 850

    TEGOMER® DA 850 is a polymeric copolymer with pigment affinic groups to be used as a dispersant in water based-surroundings. It allows to transfer water-based pigment slurries into thermoplastics when water is being evaporated during the extrusion process.

  • ZETASPERSE® 3100

     ZETASPERSE® 3100 dispersant is a high-performance, polymeric surface-active agent designed for the optimal stabilization of a wide range of particle and pigment chemistries in aqueous systems.

  • ZETASPERSE® 3600

    ZETASPERSE® 3600 Dispersant is suitable for all pigment chemistries as well as fillers, functional chemicals, and other particle types.

  • ZETASPERSE® 3800

    ZETASPERSE® 3800 Dispersant is formulated to provide strong stabilization of pigments, fillers, and other solids in aqueous Dispersion.