Reactive siloxane specialties


We offer formulators the diverse products and functionalities they need to meet the changing demands of their industry with our broad range of reactive siloxane specialties under the TEGOMER® brand name.

product overview:

  • TEGOMER® E-Si 2330

    TEGOMER® E-Si 2330 is a 100 % active linear epoxy-functional polysiloxane.

  • TEGOMER® H-Si 2315

    By the reaction of hydroxyl end groups TEGOMER® H-Si 2315 can be introduced permanently in poly-urethane resins, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) or other suitable polymers.

  • TEGOMER® H-Si 6441 P

    TEGOMER® H-Si 6441 P is a polyester modified siloxane which is delivered in pellet form with excellent compatibility in thermoplastic and duroplastic resins.

  • TEGOMER® M-Si 2650

    TEGOMER® M-Si 2650 is used as an additive for thermoplastic elastomers, polyesters, polystyrene and technical compounds.

  • TEGOMER® V-Si 4042
  • TEGOMER® V-Si 7255

    TEGOMER® V-Si 7255 is a comb-like acryloxyfunctional polysiloxane. Due to the cross-linkable end groups TEGOMER® V-Si 7255 can be used as reactive component in suitable polymers.